Why do we say that asking for an unspecified degree-level qualification is discriminatory?

In this article we set out the reasons why it’s discriminatory to make “Educated to Degree Level a requirement on jobs ads, and why believe this is a breach of the Equality Act 2010

Why adding “or equivalent experience” doesn’t make your job ad more inclusive

Many organisations believe that adding “or equivalent experience” is enough to overcome the discriminatory impact of making a degree an essential or desirable requirement. This article aims to show why it’s not as simple as that.

Why making a degree desirable is no better – and possibly worse – than making it essential

Moving discriminatory requirements into the Desirable column doesn’t suddenly make them less discriminatory. In this article we share the thoughts of a non-graduate about the message a “desirable degree” sends to her.

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In this article originally written for Good Jobs, #NonGraduatesWelcome volunteer David Burgess reflects on the findings of reviewing 350 fundraising job descriptions.